• 100 gram Ground alamond

  • 100 gram Pure Icing Sugar

  • 30 gram Liquid Egg White

  • 1 Vanilla Pod

For Italian Meringue method

  • 65 gram Egg White

  • 170 gram Caster Sugar

  • 50 ml Water

For Dark Chocolate Ganache

  • 80 ml Whip Cream

  • 100 gram Premium Dark Chocolate


1. Prheat oven 160˚C fan forced. Prepare following ingredients.


2. Place parchment on a cookie sheet and trace 1 inch circles on the parchment.


3. Measure out almond flour and icing sugar.


4. Sieve and mix both to a fine meal via sieve, sift 2 times.


5. Add on and mix the vanilla pod seed scripting into mixture.


6. Stir in 30 gram egg whites into mixture, set aside.


7. After adding the egg white, mixture will look like the picture below.


8. Cook sugar with water in a stainless steel bowl over medium heat with thermometer. Gently swirl the water and sugar a few times so it cooks evenly.


9. While sugar is cooking, begin whipping the other 65 gram of egg whites with hand held mixer.


10. When egg white is in a soft peak drizzle the 117˚C hot sugar syrup down the bowl in a thin stream.


11. Continue beating the egg white until you get a firm, shiny meringue.


12. Pour half of the almond/icing sugar ingredients into meringue and stir ensuring you scrape the sides annd bottom. Add the second half and stir. Note: do not over stir.


13. You want the batter to look like a thick magma that when dropped in the bowl slowly absorbs into batter.


14. In a pastry bad, use a 8 mm plain round tip and pipe out the circles on the parchment.


15. Once have circle piped, firmly hold the cookie sheet and rap the sheet against a counter a couple times. This is done to help form the foot of the macaron.


16. Let the dough sit for 15-30 minutes to form a soft a non sticky shell - not sticky to your finger.


17. Baked macaroons at 160˚C for 8-10 minutes.


18. Place baked macaron shell on the cooling rack together with parchment paper.



For making Dark Chocolate Ganache


19. Pour cream into a heatproof bowl and bring to the boil. Place the chocolate into separate bowl.


20. Remove the hot cream from heat. Pour over the hot cream into chopped dark chocolate.


21. Stir the mixture until smooth, spoon it into a piping bag. Refrigerate until cold.


22. To assemble, pipe the ganache and sandwich together with another macaron.


23. Chill slightly before serving.