• Softened butter 225 gram
  • Castor sugar 225 gram
  • Lemon juice 2 nos
  • Egg 220 gram
  • Lemon zest 3 nos
  • Self raising flour 225 gram
  • Baking powder 1 tsp


1. Place butter in mixing bowl and cream lightly

2. Add in castor sugar and cream the butter turns white and fluffy. Scrape the side frequently to ensure proper creaming.

3. Add in egg gradually while running the machine and make sure egg is absorb before adding egg.

4. Add in lemon zest and mix well.

5. Combine baking powder and self raising flour and add half of the dry ingredients into the batter, mix well.

6. add in half of the lemon juice mix well. Then continue the steps until all the dry and wet ingredients are added in, mix well.

7. Pour the batter into baking tray line with parchment paper then baked in 150˚C oven for about 30-35 minutes. Leave cool and serve.