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Why Food sampling Always works

With so many options available to connect consumers with free samples, sampling seems to be a solid strategy for food companies, big and small. "In terms of reaching consumers, free samples are often much more powerful, and much cheaper than traditional #advertising and #DigitalMarketing." Here are a few reasons why sampling works.

  1. Breaks down price barrier

    Sometimes the only thing standing between a consumer and a product is a price point, which can be subjectively high or low based on a consumers’ budget. Offering a free sample means consumers can try products that are outside their budget — products they otherwise might have never tried.

  2. No strings attached

    When consumers have access to free samples, they don’t have to commit to a purchase. Even if the price point is reasonable and within a consumer’s budget, that consumer may still not want to buy the product just to try it for the first time and risk not liking it.

  3. Taste and quality

    Sometimes the best marketing for a food product is simply taste and quality. But without free samples to break down some of these barriers between consumers and products, that key marketing strategy might never have a chance to draw consumers into something they’ve never tried before. Regardless of traditional marketing like ads or packaging, consumers may not always be convinced they will like a product, even if it is a type of food they enjoy, until they taste it.

  4. Reciprocation

    Though receiving free samples generally means no strings attached for consumers, whether consciously or subconsciously, sometimes consumers will end up buying the product because they feel obligated to after getting something for free

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